Our Story

Founded by a former partner of Taj Company. Meraki’s name means to put your love, soul, and creativity into everything you do. That mantra has carried over into everything we do at Meraki Jewelry. We founded the brand with the sole purpose to allow you to express yourself freely! With a variety of vibrant, natural gemstones, you will find the perfect piece or set that connects with your soul. We carefully create and curate designs that allow you to showcase your style, rather than define it, as the real beauty behind our jewelry is truly the women who wear it. In addition to our finished pieces that are immediately available for purchase on our site, we can create custom sizes or unique custom designs that also fit your budget. Our studio embarks on the journey to show the world that jewelry still holds an intrinsic personal value to the women who adorn it. Each of our custom pieces are perfectly-fit, and created with your stylistic preferences. Contact us today for custom sizes or custom designs at info@tajmeraki.com

Feel free to call us at (732)-328-8048. For product pictures please text us at (732)-310-6060. Looking forward to seeing you at the shows!